• All physicians (haematologists, oncologists, general physicians….) following and/or treating patients with PNH – regardless of therapy, may participate in the PNH Registry.

Benefits of Registry participation include:
  • Global collaboration with other doctors dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients suffering from this debilitating disease
  • Contribution of critical, global, real-world information will help to provide optimal care to patients with this rare disease
  • Contribute to safety monitoring of treatments
  • Increased knowledge of the management options for patients with PNH

Start contributing to the PNH Registry

  • The PNH Registry is a resource for you and your staff. Share experiences, add to the growing body of knowledge and help to improve outcomes for patients with PNH.
  • Enroll your patients with PNH in the Registry and benefit from this collaborative effort to enhance the care of patients with PNH globally.